Mar 30

Get 457 Visa To Australia From India

There is a dearth of skilled workers across the globe and when those workers defy the normal paradigm of performance, the demand for such workers shoots to the highest level that one can construe. Australia is no exception and it is providing new avenues for movement under 457 visas.

Given this, get a 457 visa to Australia from India and get pleasure from a four year stay in this beautiful country with your family. This visa also allows the immigrants to travel to and fro during this 4-year tenure. However, so far, one might be thinking that this visa is so easy and it makes movement to the nation tantamount to a cakewalk.

Such is not the case. This 457 visa is not a regular visa; rather, it is a sponsored one. So, you need to get sponsorship from an employer based in Oz to let the visa flex its muscle for facilitating your movement. The most simmering question that would pop in any readers head is who are eligible for these kind of visas. Don’t let this doubt and scruple take you away.

Take a look at the eligibility parameter and find out whether you fall in the list!

If you want to get 457 visas, in all probabilities, you are required to meet with these parameters:

  1. The first and foremost thing is the sponsorship; you must be sponsored by employer back in Australia representing any state. Once you have the sponsorship letter in your hand, you are rendered eligible to apply for this visa.
  2. If you had prior experience back home, it will only be considered while facilitating the visa if it falls in the skilled occupation list in Down Under.
  3. For graduates and post graduates–if you have major in the respective field that the job seeks–then only you will be considered qualified to move under this visa.
  4. There are some benchmarks in the salary that you get pertaining to this visa, so if you are meeting with those benchmarks, you can definitely avail this visa for movement.
  5. Healthcare is primary objective in Australia, and they never look forward towards compromising with that. Against this backdrop, when you are moving to this country, during that point of time health checkups are conducted in the Australian in India. If you qualify with all the parameters that form 1163i demands, you will be rendered eligible for acquiring this 457 visa to move to Oz.
  6. Age limit has also to be met, so you should not be less than 18 years or more than 45 years when you are applying for 457 visas. Language skills and adaptability will also play a role while acquiring the 457 visa. Hence, if it said that get a 457 visa to Australia from India and move instantly, make it a point to assure that these parameters are met with in the first place.

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