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Immigrate To Australia Through South Australia Skilled Immigration Program

With SouthAustralia Skilled Immigration Program getting a boost, the province is all set to receive an increasing number of competent migrants. In the past, the state centric skills migration schemes of different provinces were limited by the annual number sealing concept. The annual capping policy hindered the states from selecting people beyond a definite number. The governments were unable to select immigrants even though, they had willing competent applicants on their lists, i.e. the applicants who had opted for SA and other provinces as their route of entering Aussie borders in their EOIs.

Similarly, most of the people selecting states like SA and indicating section 190 permanent and 489 temporary had to wait for the next edition of the SkillSelect to begin, simply because the occupational ceilings had been achieved for the particular year program. This factor hindered smooth operation of state based skills migration programs.

But now the things have undergone a significant change as the federal authorities have finally delinked the state based Skilled Immigration Program from the annual occupational ceiling concept. This has encouraged the state government of SA to append some trades that were deemed critical for the provincial labor pool.

The current state based required trades tabulation – the SNOL has around 238 trade codes in various ANZSCO referenced codes which are categorized as following

  • 11 – Chief Executives, General Managers & Legislators
  • 13 – Specialist Managers
  • 14 – Hospitality, Retail & Service Managers
  • 22 – Business, Human Resource & Marketing Professionals
  • 23 – Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals
  • 24 – Education Professionals
  • 25 – Health Professionals
  • 26 – ICT Professionals
  • 27 – Legal, Social & Welfare Professionals
  • 31 – Engineering, ICT & Science Technicians
  • 32 – Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers
  • 33 – Construction Trades Workers
  • 34 – Electrotechnology& Telecommunications Trades Workers
  • 35 – Food Trades Workers
  • 36 – Skilled Animal & Horticultural Workers
  • 39 – Other Technicians & Trades Workers
  • 41 – Health & Welfare Support Workers
  • 45 – Sports & Personal Service Workers

The provincial authorities of SA have established the qualifications parameters for education, work experience and language compatibility, etc. for each trade as per their state based requirements. The people intending to place their requests To Immigrate To Australia Through the South Australia Skilled Immigration should either refer to the state based SNOL or approach us for a detailed elaboration of the preconditions and stipulations.

The list of credential assessment agencies has also been indicated clearly along with each of the trade codes. It would be highly convenient for you to approach us and avail our specialized services and support for Aussie skills migration application process.We have a panel of highly professional migration consultants to serve you.

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