Document checklist for Australia Immigration!

The decision to immigrate to Australia proves to be really fruitful for most people under the general skilled Australian migration category. However, getting a permanent visa to live and work in Australia isn’t a cakewalk, for sure.

An appropriate and convincing assessment of your academic and occupational background by the DIAC is mandatory during the visa procedure. It is thereby logical to seek assistance of an Australian immigration specialist for a hassle-free visa stamp. However, in order to be doubly sure to avert any problem, you can verify on your end as well, if you have enclosed the required documents with your visa application:

  1. Make sure that you have undergone skills assessment test by the most appropriate assessing authority for the occupation you have nominated for. Skills assessment proof granted by the relevant Australian assessment authority of the nominated occupation must be included to file a valid visa application.
  2. All the necessary documents that are provided by you to the assessing authority, such as age proof, birth certificate and passport should be obtained. Get the copies of these documents certified and submit them with your application.
  3. Submission of IELTS report is also essential. It is compulsory for you to appear for only the general IELTS test and not the academic one, unless mentioned. Test results must not be older than 2 years from the date you file the application.
  4. Employment reference letters are a necessary requirement.
  5. Offer letter should be attached, only when you are looking forward to claim any points against the job offer from an Australian employer.
  6. Those claiming the spousal credit points, IELTS evidence of both the partners along with the recent work experience is required. Not to mention, marriage certificate also needs to be submitted, if you are married.

This is a general list, though some more documents may be required according to your individual situations. One notable point here is to ensure that you do not confuse these documents with the documents that are required to be submitted to the qualifications and skills assessment authority.

In fact, during

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the interim period, while you are waiting for the results of qualification assessment, you can arrange for the remaining documents that are required to complete the formalities of an Australian visa application. For the best management of your time in filing your application and complying with other visa formalities under General Skilled Migration Program, it is advisable to contact an experienced Australia immigration expert.


  • Rizwan Ul Haq Faraz

    Hi. I am Rizwan Ul Haq Faraz. I am working In Abu dhabi, UAE. I have completed my master degree in water resource engineering and I want to apply for Australia for immigration. What is the procedure. Please guide me

    • Immigration Experts

      Thanks for your valuable reply. First, you have to send your updated CV at, if you are eligible than our consular contact with you and give you the all information about the process.

  • Ashish Nayar

    Good Morning

    I wanted to Know whether 3 Months salary statement is required from all companies where I have worked for applying PR for Australia…

    • Immigration Experts

      Not for all companies, you have to show your last or current company salary statement.

  • neeem macwan

    my husband is Australian citizens. .I had 2 year complete our marriage. much time to process for Australia spouse file…

  • kamlesh

    it is required in bank balance ? How much ? and whose bank balance is required?

  • navjot kour

    what dacoments requIred for Australia citizen.i had done my study from canada,now i am on work perment

  • Rajeev

    I am Rajeev Kumar.I want to know my birth is before 1989.I have no birth certificate from municipal committee.I have my date of birth in my matric certificate.Tell me it is sufficient for visa or not.

  • You need to take advise of a professional immigration adviser / consultant or Immigration Department, Government of Australia for this area of query

  • Preethish rahul

    Hi i am rahul, i am software engineer with 4+ years of experience in IT. My name in the birth certificate is different from my passport. So please advice if there is an alternative document that i can submit for age proof

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