Apr 30

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Are you the lucky one to enjoy the exemption from IELTS test

All primary immigration applicants must meet the English language requirement, unless they have been nominated for a position that does not require English language assessment for licensing or registration. Following are the people who are exempted from English language assessment or IELTS test:

  • Applicants whose first language is English and are a passport holder from Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States of America.
  • If the nominated occupation of the applicant is included in the highly skilled major groups, 1-3, of the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) that consists of managers, administrators, professionals and associate professionals.
  • If the applicant has completed at least five years of continuous full time secondary and/or tertiary education at an institution where at least 80 percent of the instructions is conducted in English.
  • If the applicant is nominated in a skilled health occupation, they will be required to be assessed as per Occupational English Test (OET) and need not sit for an IELTS test.

So, all the applicants in the mentioned categories are lucky not to bother about appearing for an IELTS test that makes the Australian immigration process easier for them to qualify. However, collecting necessary documents and skills assessment for the nominated occupation still needs to be dealt with. Consultation and assistance of an Australian immigration expert is priceless in these matters, as they make the whole process of relocation to a distant land a very stress-free task.

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  1. shikha

    Plz specify if social worker falls under d category of highly skilled major ..!!

  2. ponsubrya

    hi,my husband is applying for an Australian PR, i am not working and i have completed my m.sc,for 12 plus 4 year i have english as the medium,do i need to take up ielts,plz let me know as soon as possible

  3. K B Mustafa

    Dear Sir/ madam,
    I am applying for visa subclass 402 (occupational trainee). I have been in the United Kingdom for 8 years continously before. (2 years A-level & 6 years medical undergraduate). Am I exempted from IELTS?
    Thank you

  4. satyajit

    hi ,
    my wife is applied 190 visa for permenant residency . my question is I am workifng with a globle company as a leading hand from last three years . as i am spouse should i require to give IELS for the VISA or if I get letter from the company that I am working with the compaly as a leading hand from last three year is valid for the visa . can this letter help me for exemption form IELTS.

    please advice
    waiting for reply

    1. sanam

      Dear Satyajit,

      Yes, spouse is also required to appear for IELTS.
      In case you don’t want to appear for IELTS you can submit a letter from the university or can opt to pay a fee of AUD 4250.

  5. zulfi

    I am going to apply for Australian immigration sub class 190 In Australian SOL my occupation assessing authority is VETASSESS which does not requires IELTS for Skill Assessment It is confirmed by VETASSESS that my skill assessment may take place without IELTS.

    After completion of my secondary education:

    I have completed 2 year Intermediate from the college where the medium of instructions and assessment is English.

    I have completed 2 year BSc from University of Karachi where the medium of instructions and assessment is English.

    I have completed 2 years MCS(Master of Computer Science) from University of Karachi where the medium of instructions ans assessment is English.

    I am not going to claim English point. I can have already pass point that is 60 without English Language points.

    Is there any exemption of IELTS for me?

    1. sanam

      Dear Zulfiqar,

      Please note that IELTS is a must requirement even if you are scoring 60 points.
      6 in each band shall work in such cases if there is no specific requirement of IELTS for the occupation/state.

  6. Apol

    My husband is already in Australia,, if the time comes that he can get us do i need to take the ielts exam. Thank you

  7. Reedham

    I have just visited this site and it is very useful for foreigners who wants to apply for permanent residency in Australia. I would like to ask one query. Currently I am living in united kingdom. I have been living here for the last 6 years and had 5 years of retail industry experience. I have also completed 2 years of higher education form UK university. I want to ask if I have UK university degree then I can get exemption for IELTS. I am holding Indian passport.

    I kindly request you to answer as soon as possible so I can apply for regional state sponsorship provisional visa. Thank you very much in advance.

    With best regards,

  8. Jessica Liu

    Could you pls attach the list for the “highly skilled major groups, 1-3, of the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO)” ? and does this still apply now (2012)?
    And for the 2nd criteria “If the applicant has completed at least five years of continuous full time secondary and/or tertiary education at an institution where at least 80 percent of the instructions is conducted in English.” –> would a bachelor degree count???
    Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to your reply!

  9. Nadir

    What if someones’ parents cant take their IELTS test because of lessen learning abilities due to age factor? Isnt it enough just for their kids to qualify their IELTS and and then on their kids’ dependency, parents move to some English speaking country without taking IELTS?

  10. Eno

    I have a first degree in university conducte in the english language. I wish to apply to join my husband who’s a British citizen and resides in the UK. Am i exempted from the IELTS?

  11. mark torregoza

    hi…im hired as a machinist in australia,and i have a continous 6 years fulltime from secondary and tertiary.and all of our instructions conducted in english… do i have a chance to have a excemption in ielts?

  12. Zohair

    Heyy i just applied for my student visa.the bad part is i did not know about the ilets requirment.but i recently completed my Olevel and got an A in my English language and have been studying in an English medium school since 12 years.i submitted all these documents.any chance of my visa getting accepted?

  13. abiki

    Pls I currently hold a nigerian passport. I have an admission already with a university in australia. I was exempted from taking the ietls exam by the university.
    However, I would like to know if I still have to take the exam beforew applying for my australian student visa. Thank you.

  14. kaushik

    sir,i would like to apply tier 1(entrepreneur) UK visa ,if i give ielts(academic) and ielts(general) so how many point i need to achieve to satisfy there requirement.thanks

    1. sanam

      Dear Kaushik,

      Please write us contact@abhinav.com for appropriate advice.

    2. sanam

      Hi Kaushik,

      There is no such requirement for IELTS to apply under Tier1(entrepreneur) visa for UK. For any other information please write us at contact@abhinav.com

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