Are you the lucky one to enjoy the exemption from IELTS test

All primary immigration applicants must meet the English language requirement unless they have been nominated for a position that does not require English language assessment for licensing or registration. Following are the people who are exempted from English language assessment or IELTS test:Free Assessment form

  • Applicants whose first language is English and are a passport holder from Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States of America.
  • If the nominated occupation of the applicant is included in the highly skilled major groups, 1-3, of the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) that consists of managers, administrators, professionals and associate professionals.
  • If the applicant has completed at least five years of continuous full time secondary and/or tertiary education at an institution where at least 80 percent of the instructions is conducted in English.
  • If the applicant is nominated in a skilled health occupation, they will be required to be assessed as per Occupational English Test (OET) and need not sit for an IELTS test.

Check Your Eligibility

So, all the applicants in the mentioned categories are lucky not to bother about appearing for an IELTS test that makes the Australian immigration process easier for them to qualify. However, collecting necessary documents and skills assessment for the nominated occupation still needs to be dealt with. Consultation and assistance of an Australian immigration expert is priceless in these matters, as they make the whole process of relocation to a distant land a very stress-free task.Check Your Eligibility

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  • Vikastoj

    Hi This is Vikas Toj. I have a query about IELTS test. Is this must for apply to CANADA. I have done my MBA in English also my wife done MA & BED in English. We both have complete our masters degrees in English. So please confirm us IELTS is required or not for the same

  • asim

    my english is good i would like to go u.k

  • Brendon

    IS IELTS compulsory in 2011, regardless of occupations or skills set?

    Having an Australia degree taken overseas also need to talk IELTS?

  • zain

    i mdoctor in pakistan.our all education is in u.k or american english.married u.k there some exeption for ilets

  • farhan

    hello my name is farhan , actually i would like to ask about exemption of ielts, currently i,m doing MA english , & i want to migrate to canada without ielts , i didn,t appear in IELTS exams . Is this possible for me to immgrate with exemption of ielts.Please give me your comments
    your apprecited

  • hsn

    We are planning to go for employer sponsored 457 visa to Australia as university lecturer. Which IELTS test score is required for this type of visa. General or Academic. Any idea about the required score. Application says vocational English with average score of 5.

  • MUDS1243

    i have got few queries about canadian immigration. Firstly ,i am currently living in england and i have done one year msc from university of wale, would this degree help me to get get IELTS exemption. Secondly, how long the application processing time take if i am living in england and apply from here.

    Thanks and appreciation for your assistance.

    M Mehmood

  • msash27

    Hello. I am a United States citizen trying to immigrate to Canada. I need to know if I have to take the IELTS test for immigration purposes? Thanks

  • ali

    i am living in pakistan
    i have done Msc form earth sciences (16 years degree)
    and 3 years of experience
    i have taken test of toefl ibt have secured marks 110 out 120
    just wanted to know! is there any option that Canadian immigration is possible through my toefl test?

  • Amit

    Hello sir / mem
    This is Amit chauhan . I am BHM degree holder . I want to go Uk on tier 1 visa ,but l m confused that , is it neccessary to give ielts for tier 1 visa? If it is so I will ready my self.

  • aanubaby

    I have completed all my primary, secondary and tertiary education at institutions where 80% of lectures are conducted in English and I’m presently studying for my Master degree at a college in the United Kingdom.
    I want to be sure I’m exempted from the IELTS test.
    Kindly advice please.

  • sara

    wat is the difference between british IELTS and australian IELTS. i am a british national living in pakistan. Im a Doctor and got my degree from Pakistan but our language of communication and study matrial was english.i have even passed post graduate exam of royal college london which was obviously in English. now can i get exemption from IELTS?

  • Diala

    I’m from Jordan, graduated from university which use the English as a teaching language in 100% and it was 6 years duration ( faculty of medicine), can I have the ILETS exemption?

  • Giving IELTS test is a must requirement. Rest please mail your resume to; we shall assess and advise

  • You need to check with university your are interested in on their IELTS requirement. My opinion is that you will be required to give IELTS again and improve on your score

  • Academic IELTS is required for teachers

  • indusfriend

    I have got an unconditional offer for The univeristy of York MsC mathematical Fianance. I have did BSc Msc and Mphil in mathematics. Due to this the departhment of mathematics didnot demanded IELTS from me. I have submitted those documents with my application which were mentioned in CAS(ielts was not mentioned in CAS). Is there any chance of rejection of visa application due to not subitting ielts card?

  • waqas khan


    i am applying for Australlian university,majority uniz are asking for minimum Ielts individual score not less then 6.My overall band score is 6.5 having individual score S-7,W-7.5,L-6, i had to go through whole four modules again or can i be given admission?

    i have also read at some university entry requirement they need overall band score 6.5 and in writing not less then 6.

    does Ielts score is needed in Visa as well??..

  • Abhi

    I have been teaching as secondary school teacher since 2005.My qualification is M.A.(History), B.Ed.
    Would you like to suggest me that in which module of IELTS ( either general or academic) I have to appear for getting Australia’s PR?



  • Giving an IELTS Test is a must requirement under Australia general skilled migrant program

  • h. adam

    I am a Norwegian citizen, who have a bachelor in radiography from Norway. I want to move to Perth, Australia and work as a radiographer.

    I can speak and write fluently English, also during the three years of my studies the majority of the literature we were using was in English. I have had English as a subject since first grade, and in high school one of my majors were English.
    is it necessary for me to take the IELTS test?

  • Appearing in IELTS test will be required

  • nsm_msd

    Hi Dear,

    I’m from Iran, I have done my BA in English Translation in Iran and my grade point average (GPA) is 16:46 out of 20. Now I’m a master student in my own major. Since the medium of instruction in my major is English language, and i’ve been taught in English for the past 5 years at university, I have not taken any language proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. Could you please let me know if i am exempted from taking IELTS or TOEFL tests in order to migrate to Astrailia?

    Thank you in advance for your answer and help.


  • Accountants for Australia require 7.0 in each module.

  • porsche

    sorry forgot to mention, i am interested in australian migration. thank you.

  • porsche

    I have a total band score of 7.0 in IELTS however, I got 6.5 each on speaking & writing. Will I be qualified to priority processing? I am an accountant for more than 3 years now.

  • Precise IELTS requirement is dependent on the occupation under one is aiming to apply. Please provide your latest resule to enable us to provide free of charge assessment for Australia

  • Daniel

    Hi Dear

    The main question right now is that what is the essential requirement for English proficiency to get permanent visa from Australia, 2010, and if someone has the score 6 in academic module is it possible to get that visa or it needed more grades?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you

  • IELTS exemption is almost non-exisent now. Best would be that proposed Principal applicant gives the IELTS result and you submit this score with the application. You may also send us your and the spousal resume for proper assessment

  • Nadeem

    Dear all,

    Me and my wife are planning for Canadian immigration. Our score is 65 without adding english proficiency test. Like if we add English points 16 it becomes 81. I need to ask that Even like we are getting 65 points without english points then how much IELTS score should we need or possibly we can be exempted from the IELTS although she is preparing for that. She is masters and I am 4 years professional Bachelor degree holder and we live in Dubai.


  • Best you contact a lawyer specializing on Immigration area on this subject area

  • Joe

    What is Australin immigration’s policy on aggraveted sexual assault? Is there any rehabilitation period or period to consider crime as spent?


  • raham75

    I am interested in Denmark green card. I am an IT professional with 12 years of experience. I have sent my cv to you. Please advice if I qualify and the next steps. My school and college education has been in English.

  • We are aware of this option but the difficulty here is that documents submitted leave a lot of subjectivity. The decision whether or not to and which documents and qualification does meet the regulatory benchmark of English language for spouse (in absence of IELTS) and related discretion lies with the case officer. One small error and the application may be refused. The application fee ( at around AUD 2500) is just too much for anybody to take a risk of letting an officer use his discretion. It makes more sense to spend around AUD 200 and give IELTS then risk AUD 2500. Choice is yours’ as an applicant. We respect your decision and choice and wish you all the best

  • seema


    I found this in the Australian Immigration website at

    Evidence to attach to your application
    To avoid payment of the second instalment visa application charge, you must provide evidence that any secondary applicants 18 years or over included in the application have at least functional English.

    This evidence should be provided when requested by the case officer and before the visa is granted.

    Level of English Evidence required
    You must provide one of the following:

    1. your IELTS TRF Number to show you have a band score of at least four and a half (4.5) based on all four components.
    Important: If you are using an IELTS test to show functional English, it must be from a test sat no more than 12 months before making your application.
    2. evidence that you have a degree, diploma or trade qualification requiring at least two (2) years of full time study or training with all instruction conducted in English
    3.evidence that you have completed at least one (1) year of full time study in Australia towards a degree or diploma qualification with all instruction conducted in English
    4.evidence that you have completed one of the following at an educational institution where all instruction was conducted in English:
    5. your primary education and at least three (3) years of secondary education, or
    at least five (5) years of secondary education.

    So i will be going for no 2!

  • For Australia, either your spouse appears in the IELTS and provides minimum score; the other option is the he will pay the tuition fee for English. That is a huge expense. You will be better off if he gives IELTS test or you should be prepared to deposit exorbitant Tuition fee to the Australia Government

  • seema


    I will be submitting my application under the skilled-regional sponsored category. I am the main applicant and my spouse is the secondary applicant. My question is :

    I’ve sat for the IELTS test and obtained 7/9 and above for all the 4 elements. Therefore, i’ll be submitting my test result. But, for my spouse, he did not sit for the IELTS, instead he did his degree for 2 years in English and has a letter from the college to prove this. Will it be sufficient to attach his qualification cert and this letter from the college to prove that he has a functional command of english?

    Please advice.

  • Send your comprehensive resume with occupation and duties details and we shall advise

  • Asim

    i am muhammad Asim from Pakistan but have not uk passport , i have done Master degree in comminication from Norway and want to apply for Newzealand immigration. Further through out my study carreer the medium of instructions were in English. Is IELTS exempt for me or not?
    plz reply me thx

  • Hello Mr. Ali,

    No. There is no escape from IELTS requirements of minimum competency levels. So either you give IELTS again and file for the second stage before the assessment report expires. Another option is that you may consider other immigration options like Canada. Send us your resume and we will assess it for Canada federal skilled migrant point based system program. All the best!

  • mohdali486

    i am muhammad ali from uk but not uk passport, i done Master degree from uk and apply australia immigration under 2231-79 (network security) i received ACS pre-migration on 12 feb 2009 and expire 12 feb 2010 …i tried to give ielts couple of time but every time i got score L-6,R-5.5,W-6.5,S-7, is there any other option to apply immigration without ielts.I dont have any family in australia.
    plz reply me thx

  • To the best of our knowledge, there are no exceptions – vis-a-vis IELTS and academic score requirements of 7 band in each module- for teachers who wish apply for Australia. Perhaps, you may look at other country destinations that permit immigration to teachers?

  • sonu

    hi,i m in same situation.somebody told me about 475 visa.plz confim and let me know also what you will decide.i m very confused.

  • sonu

    hi,i m in similar situation.somebody told me about475visa.please confirm it

  • Have you also undergone IELTS?Please send your and spousal resume; we will assess in line with IELTS score and advise.

  • Ricahrd

    My wife is a teacher since last ten years she had done her B.Ed and B.A as well but she fail to get 7 in each module of IELTS she had given thrice but her overall score in academic version is 6 July-08 and again 6 in general version Aug-09
    Can we get regional, employee,or any visa
    we are trying since long and if nothing happen we try to go on student visa
    Is this the right step


  • pawanpta

    Dear Abhinav,
    This is pawan here, Actually i have query about appearing in ielts for PR of australia.. i am already studying cookery in melbourne. i will be finishing my studies in april 2010. i didnt need to undertake ielts when i have applied my student visa of australia from new delhi, becoz i have studied in uk for 5 years. i got an email from australian high commission new delhi, that if i have studied in uk for 5 years then i dont need to undertake ielts. i have applied my student visa attached with that email alongwith my documents, and i got student visa.What i need to know is do i have to sit in ielts for PR of australia, as i have already got exemption one time from high commission. Please advise me .
    your consideration will be appreciated.

  • 1) What is your individual bands in each IELTS module?
    2) what is your occupation?
    3) What are your qualifications?
    4) How many years of experience you have?
    5) Please send your detailed resume at and we shall be pleased to advise

  • Himal padmika gunawardena

    dear all,

    I got IELTS band 5 please let me know how to migrate to Australia.

    thank you

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