Apr 30

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Tips to ensuring a successful Denmark Green Card application

Denmark Green Card is a Points based immigration system for professionals and senior executives that offer a three-year residence permit to the applicant and his accompanying family members. Selection factors that form part of the point based system includes applicant’s educational and professional qualifications, language proficiency, Number of years of experience in claimed occupation, age of the principal applicant and various other factors such as work experience and earned European educational qualifications. The Denmark Government has announced a positive list of occupations which forms basis of the Denmark Green Card applicants

In authors’ view the prospective applicant for Denmark Green Card should be careful and take precautions against following critical aspects.

  1. The Immigrant applicant should make careful review of the point based system and do careful computation of points under various factors that form part of the selection criteria fixed for Denmark Green Card. He should apply only if he is meeting the minimum pass mark requirement.
  2. The Immigrant applicant should have clarity on whether or not applicant’s occupation figures in the positivelist of occupations. This positive list is based on the Government’s assessment of occupations that has employment opportunities and scope in Denmark and holder of which are likely to be successful Immigrants in Denmark.
  3. The Immigrant applicant should have a clear understanding of whether or not his educational and professional qualifications meet the equivalent standards of similar qualifications in Denmark. They should ensure to take department or the expert feedback for the purpose.
  4. Simple claim of qualifying – in the positive list – against the Immigrant applicant’s educational and professional qualifications will not meet the requirements; the applicant should be able to provide accompanying employment reference letters. They should clearly identify his duties and responsibilities while being employed.
  5. The Immigrant applicant should submit the right amount of fee and ensure it is submitted with required application forms. The forms should have the required and correct information that all relevant information.
  6. The Immigrant applicant should ensure that he provide relevant support document as regards claimed English language proficiency. This can be provided in the form of identified English language test reports or a write up in English language proficiency. In the absence of test report, the write-up should be best written under able guidance.
  7. The immigrant applicant should ensure that all documents- in language other than English- should be translated in English.
  8. The Denmark Green card application procedures may require the immigrant applicant to provide set of certification from Indian authority’s vis-à-vis certain specific documents. The applicant should ensure that he has clear understanding of authorities and procedures that will provide these certifications and be able to coordinate with such authorities and get such certifications.
  9. Among the most critical requirements is the ability of the immigrant applicant to meet his settlement expenses in Denmark, post visa approval, for first year. He should be able to provide evidence of his funds and savings, as part of application for Denmark Green Card. The applicant should seek expert advice about the various forms of savings and financial instruments that can be made part of funds statement.
  10. Finally, the immigrant applicant for Denmark Green Card should remember that application is required to be filed at nearest Danish Embassy in the country of his origin.


Denmark Green Card has specific requirements that applicant will do well to be careful about and as he starts working on forms and documents, he will realise that he could do well with advise of an Immigration expert. With specific reference to India, the application is processed at Denmark Embassy located at New Delhi. Thus he should be able to organise required coordination at New Delhi or take services of a reputed Immigration consulting company having offices at New Delhi.

Denmark is one of the most beautiful countries and offers among the best quality of the world. Only the best and most motivated and qualified gets the privilege of being a Denmark Green Card Holder.

For More Information, Visit : http://www.immigration.net.in/

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  1. tauseef

    Hi what if the age is 42.
    thx and looking up to hearing from u soon.


  2. Aidin

    Dear Sanam
    Greetings, I hope you have a nice day.
    I am 32 years old and hold master degree in industrial engineering.
    I have found the “auditor” among jobs in positive lists and wonder wether it includes international auditors of ISO systems or only accountants as it is not clarified anywhere (to my best knowledge).
    And one more question, can i apply as mechanical engineer cause in many countries industrial engineering is supposed as a part of mechanical engineering while in rest it is independent.
    Your kind conern is appre iated in advance.
    I am looking forward be hearing from you.
    Your’s faithfully

  3. Zubair PK

    Hi Sanam,
    I had completed my Post graduation in Nottingham Trent University, UK in 2011 before that completed 2 years BSc in Science, So I just came back from London last year. Now I would like to apply for Green card, is my qualification suitable for this PBS for Denmark.
    And also after coming back I did join a company and just left in September 2014 about 1 year, take this as a work experience thanks.

    Zubair PK

    1. sanam

      Dear Zubair,

      Please send us your detailed resume at sanam@abhinav.com we shall assess your case and guide you further.

  4. kumar

    hi this is kumar from India
    i am getting 100 points
    i would like to apply for Denmark Green Card visa
    could you please tell me how many days it will take to get the visa


    1. sanam


      The entire process takes maximum 9-12 months.
      Kindly send us your detailed resume at sanam@abhinav.com We shall assess your case and guide you on further steps.

  5. gopi krishna

    Hi, My age is 53 years and from India. Am I eligible for Denmark Green Card from the point of view of age. Please clarify.

  6. Sheik Lubna Yesmin (Nipu)

    Hi Dear,
    I have completed my 4 – years Hon’s & Masters, And also MBA degree.Now i am working at Real State Sector. as a Executive of Customer Management Department since last 3 years. I am unmarried. I want to migrate. Please inform me what i have to do and how much time will it take get the approval. Eagerly waiting for your response.

    Thank You.

    1. sanam

      Dear Sheik,

      Please send us your detailed resume at contact@abhinav.com and we shall guide you further.

  7. fatema-tuj-johra

    Hi Dear,
    i have completed my 4- years BBA and MBA degree.Now i m working at Sonali Bank Limited as SENIOR OFFICER for 2 years. I am married but i want to migrate alone as PR and want to have my further study there. Could you please inform me what i have to do and how much time will it take get the approval.Eagerly waiting for your response.

    Thank you.

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