Canada Permanent Resident Status to Canada Citizenship- Application requirements and stages

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has given following guidelines for Canadian permanent residents who wish to become Canadian Citizens.

To become a Canadian citizen, you must have a permanent resident status in Canada, and that status must not be in doubt. You must meet the residency requirements and you must not be the subject of an immigration investigation, an immigration inquiry or a removal order (an order from Canadian officials to leave Canada).

Period of Residence in Canada

To become Canadian citizens, adults must have lived in Canada for at least three years (1,095 days) in the past four years before applying. Children do not need to meet this requirement. You should be able to give the exact time period that you spent in Canada before you became a permanent resident, if it falls within the four-year period. It is important to note that under certain circumstances, one can be considered to have “lived in Canada” even while being physically out of Canada. Read our analysis on residency requirements for an insight into this critical area of law.


You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a Canadian citizenship.

To apply for citizenship for a child under 18, make sure the following conditions are met:

Criminal History (Prohibitions)

You cannot become a citizen if:

  • You have been convicted of an indictable (criminal) offence or an offence under the Citizenship Act in the three years before you apply.
  • You are currently charged with an indictable offence or an offence under the Citizenship Act.
  • You are in prison, on parole or on probation.
  • You are under a removal order (have been ordered by Canadian officials to leave Canada).
  • You are under investigation for/are charged with/have been convicted of a war crime/a crime against humanity/have had your Canadian citizenship taken away in the past five years.

If you are on probation or are charged with an offence and are awaiting trial, you should wait until after the probation has ended or the trial is over to apply for citizenship.

If you have spent time on probation, on parole or in prison in the last four years, you may not meet the residence requirement for citizenship.

Time in prison or on parole does not count as residence in Canada. Time on probation also does not count as residence in Canada if you were convicted of an offence. If you have spent time on probation from a conditional discharge, it may be counted toward residence. For details, contact the Call Centre (see Contact Us at the top of this page).

Language Abilities

Canada has two official languages—English and French. You need to be able to speak one of these two languages well enough to communicate with people. In other words, you must know enough English or French to understand other people and for them to understand you.

Knowledge of Canada

To become a citizen, you must know the rights and responsibilities of citizens, such as the right and responsibility to vote. You must also know some things about Canada’s history and geography, and about its political system.

Steps to Becoming a Canadian Citizen

  1. Determine if you are eligible to become a citizen.
  2. Apply for citizenship.
  3. Take the citizenship test, if you are between the ages
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    of 18 and 54.

  4. Attend a citizenship ceremony, if you are 14 or older.

Applying for Canadian citizenship is NOT compulsory

It is important to note that a permanent resident who meets the residency requirements and wishes to retain the citizenship of the home country (from where he migrated) is permitted to do so. He may apply for renewal of the Permanent Resident Card after it expires. More popularly known as the PR Card, this card is issued for and carries a validity of five years. It must be understood, however, that he will not be able to enjoy rights and benefits of being a Canadian Citizen, including right to vote and a Canadian Passport.

In conclusion, the road to Canadian citizenship requires careful planning and the permanent resident holder must ensure that he meets the residency and the citizenship application requirements. He must also work around issues such as language and knowledge of Canada.

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  • Anil

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    I would like to apply for the immigration to Canada.
    But being not clear to Point system & some other information’s I am not sure whether I would be eligible for it or not.
    Therefore, I would like you to just have a look into my experience and qualification below and tell me if I can apply for immigration process.

    1) MBA – Distance learning – 3 year prog. – 2011
    2) 3+ Year working exp. Orange Business Services – from June2008 – till date
    3) Unmarried
    4) 29 years
    5) Moderate – In French & In English
    6) Done Diploma in French from Alliance francaise de Delhi- 2006
    7) Advance Diploma in French from Delhi University-2007
    8) Done basic one year course of Spanish-2011
    9) Never indulge in any crimanal case

    Please let me know if any other information is required from my side.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Note: Pls. tell me from where Should I start for the immigration process.

    Many Thanks
    Anil BHATT

  • Shane


    I have appled for PR under Alberta Provincial Nominee Programme on February 2011. File is in process at CHC Colombo Sri Lanka. My E-Cas status updated on July 7 2011 and they have printed the documents for Medical and requested RPRF on 11 July 2011.

    Current processing time for this category shows 25 months in Colombo and what does this mean to you? Can I expect that they are just about to finalize my file? Medical is valid only until 12 months as per the CIC and what would be the reason for them to request this very early from me??

    Kindly advice

  • anju rani waraich

    dear sir,
    I have sent my document for PR file no.8076 in dec. 2010 but still i didn’t get a reply. please tell me how time my file in process in time.

    • sanam

      Dear Anju,

      As per the information provided by you, It is likely that you will be through with the process with in 10-11 months maximum.

  • kaushal

    my wife applied to renew a pr card from india and we got a letter to pick up pr card but my question is is it valid to apply pr card from outside canada? or we have any troubli while we are pick up a new pr card

    thank you

  • rajendra harsh

    Hi, I (with my wife and a son) had applied in November 2006 under FSW in Delhi canadian embassy and one month later i got file no.. since then i got no news from their side. I attached no document with the application relating to IELTS, Property paper , Job offer or Bank A/c. (As I was instructed not to do so, they will call it later on when required). I got band six in IELTS in October 2010 and also trying to get a job offer from CANADA by the help of someone who is working with immigration office in Toronto.
    (My elder brother is residing there since 1995 and is married). I will be highly obliged if u put some light on my case. I am exhausted waiting for visa.

  • Puja


    I am PR Card Holder since July 13th, 2010. After staying for 2 month in Canada, we moved back to our homeland to upgrade our qualification as required in Canada. Now, I am planning my pregnancy in Canada. My concerns in this regard are:
    1. Will I get health services under OHIP, if I land in 4th month of pregnancy and apply for health card then? (There is a requirement that the person should be in Canada for 3 month to avail Health Card)

    2. Will my child get citizenship on birth ?
    3. How long does it take to avail the canadian passport of the child and what is the process?


  • ankit dogra

    i want to know that;we(parents) are applied to Canadian citizenship on point basis,plz tell me that is distance course concerned as regular study or not,because sir i have to continue my study till the case is matured,.and plz also tell which year of like these case is proceeding now.

  • Hitesh

    After doing 10th class, I did three years full time diploma in Mechanical Engg from Pusa Polytechnic followed by B.Com from Delhi University (Correspondence). Then, I also did one year P.G. Diploma in Sales & Marketing from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan (Part time). Finally I did my PGDM in Marketing from All India Management Association – distance learning (approved by AICTE).

    I am not clear how much points i will get for my education in my application for PR in Canada (Federal Skill Category).

    I have been working with reputed companies and have an experience of more than 15 years.

    How strong is my case for Canadian immigration.

  • Hari

    Hi !!! I hsve applied for PR to canada inSept 2006 and got my file no in Dec 2006 . I have not heard any news after that . I got some info from sources that people who have applied much later than us have already got the immigration . I would appreciate if you could enlighten me about the trends and what kind of a time frame can I anticipate for any developments regarding my application .

  • mahesh

    I am a head master in middle school. my qualification Bsc-Bed(non-medical), AWAITED result M.A.Sociology.
    what i will go to Canada?

  • Noble-sony

    Hi sir,
    I applied for Canada PR (fsw) 2010 .i got file no. .& my second file received by new Delhi visa office on 1 /11/2010 and issue us 2nd file no. . Cas changed my status ‘In process to ‘Application Received ‘ few months before . & still not updated online status also not get any e mail or letter from cic. .pls help me what’s r going on . I m really confused.

  • Zarnab

    Hi… Im studying in australia and will complete my diploma by October.. what will be process if I wanted to go further for canadian Immigration along with my husband…and how much time it takes ? Is this wud be benefit for me if im studying diploma in accountings in australia. and graduated from Pakistan.

  • raj

    I have a question. I applied for canadian immigration under skilled catergory in 2007 and they start processing my application in January 2008 and currently they send my application to their london england office on January 10, 2011 as of cic website application status. My child born in September 2010. My question is that should i send information about my child to the london england office or i should wait till they send me some letter and then i can send them all updated documents and new born child information. If anyone can help i will really appriciate. Thanks

  • Anabhaw

    I am Ana here, and I got some queries regarding the immigration process. I would be obliged if you could solve my problem.

    I have applied for the PR program for my parents and my younger brother under the dependent category on myself. I was said that my all works has been done and just the visa paper was left to receive. But, at the last moment they said that they need IELTS due to my brother process as he was dependent on me and he is under 21. How much is the marks required for IELTS in this case. Would be parents able to go along with me or how is it? Do Canada government provide paper visa for the immigrant? I had applied on FSW program. How many weeks will they take after the IELTS is submitted and is there any requirement of IELTS in my process; As they had said me before they do not need IELTS because required points were already met without IELTS.
    Anticipatory Thank you.

  • reena

    I just want to know if a person’s citizenship application is in process and PR has expired but needs to travel urgently. what is that person suppose to do, is there any option available other than PR renewal?

  • Jayanath

    I have sent my documents for PR in 23.12.2010 but still I didn’t get a reply.
    What’s the delivery method of file number?

    Thank you,

  • Rupinder

    I have total 4 years experience in s/w development. Me ad my family wants to apply for Canada PR. How can i get sponsored employer for my job. Is there any Canada govt website for applying job in Canada.


  • Sheena Dzisah

    I am attain the age 21 on 23rd febuary after I submitted my immigration forms for permanent residence visa on january 15th 2011. How long will they use to process for me before I attain 22years? It is already march 25th 2011 and I have gotten no respose.March 21st is already past,so when will I get a response from them?

  • mitesh patel

    Dear sir, I am from India and I have applied for permanent resident for under faderal worker class in 2004 and I got my file id in September 2004. I have updated my documents as asked by cic in December 2008. Will you please tell me how long will it take time to get the final decision as it has 77 months has passed after applying. Can I ask cic regarding my application status or not?my IELTS score is 5.5 in acedemic it fine? Please reply me. Thank you.


    R. Sir
    Sir I want to ask you – Can canadian citizen put a file of PR visas for his/ her parent?

    REply and oblige me
    Thanking You

  • Respected Sir,
    kindly send all the details of PR for canada on my mail.Im a Nurse I want to know the fees structure and to which Bank I have to approach for DD or any other work. Im a Nurse. I hope u’ll do the needful.

    Rachel Reena

  • Harpreet Kaur

    Sir, I am residence of India,my father had applied under Federal Investor program and we got our file number on December 2009, since then we haven’t heard anything from Canadian embassy. On their site they have mentioned 28 months as processing time. But its been 25 months and we havn’t got interview date yet. Sir please tell me that how long we have to wait.

    Thanks in advance.

  • arvinder

    i applied sep.2004 & reviewed in oct.2008. how time….?….when i recieve my medical……..?…?



  • Angel

    My PR card was issued in March 2008 and expired in May 2013. I lived for 25 days in Canada during my first landing. what is the deadline I am supposed to return permanently to Canada inorder to fulfil the 730 days of residence. Is the 25 days calculated in the 730 days?

  • darshana

    We have received our file number in feb 2005.The documentation updation has also been done in Jan 2008 .Since then there has been no news from CHC and on its site the status is in process.When can i expect my file to get processed.I have applied under skilled federal skilled worker.

  • riddhimaheta

    I applied for P.R in oct 2005 from delhi office,sir i got one letter of interest in dec much time it will take for medical

  • Sharma Chander Shekhar

    I ave APPLIED FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCE OF CANADA ON 6.6.2007 UNDER SKILLED file No. is B. 051759072.I have more than 25 years experience as surveyor and loss assessor of fire,motor,marine, Engineer.and misc, But sorry to inform you that till today I heard nothing about the status of my above application.

  • Puneet Varma

    I have applied for Canadian Immigration in Sept 2006 in New Delhi and have got my file number a couple of month later. I was told the process time 48-54 month. Now it is 51st month running but I have not heard from Canadian Immigration Delhi so far. Can you tell my how much more time will it take before I hear anything from Canadian Immigration, New Delhi.

  • Tineil

    My husband and I applied for Canandian PR in Jan 2008 (from Pretoria South Africa) under the skilled worker programme. At the time I was told that I would hear in Jan 2011. My questions are:
    Will I still likely hear in Jan 2011?
    What will be the process once I hear?
    Should my application be successufl what is the estimated time frame before I can actually immigrate to Canada?
    As I am already 54 (55 in Jan 2011) will this disadvantage me in terms of my acceptability? I am the principle applicant.

  • ah

    Just passed my citizenship test (finished in 5 mins got 20/20)but they have asked me to resubmit all my documents which i have already submitted dont know why they did this,it took 18 months after i submitted my docs to get a call for test and now they have done this.would like to know if this has been done to anyone else and how long i have to wait for the next step.


  • jigar

    i have put my file with wwics baroda branch in feb2005 new delhi office under federal catagories, but no the baroda office have no any replay of my application. so please give some suggation for my application

  • monir1502

    I have sent my documents for getting Canadian citizenship but, after 3 months I
    have not received my file number.I am wondering how long it would take.
    S.Monir Hashemian

  • SatyaPal Puri

    I have sent an application duly filled in by post to Canadian High Commission, New Delhi for permanent residence in Canada. The client No. is ID 35800062 and Kit No. 201010024906. I have not received any information whether my application has been received by Canadian High Commissions,New Delhi or not. In case my application has been recd. please advise me the Receipt No.

  • Thind


    I just heard that after becoming a Canadian Citizen we need to submit Indian Passport to indian Embassy, is that true? If yes please let me know the full procedure..


  • nipa


  • savi

    Sir after june 2010 amendment, it was expected that old cases will be cleared with fast speed but nothing has happened so far. can you suggest when july 2004 applicants will get medicals who have applied from new delhi.

  • i applied for pr since oct.,2005 & since confirmation i do not get any further information,Sir,As per your speech in which you say that feb.,2005 cases are came to finalize in Oct.,2009 then what time should i aspect ,please clear!

  • Sanjay Patel

    Dear sir, I am from Gujarat, India and I have applied for permanent resident for under faderal worker class in 2004 and I got my file id in September 2004. I have updated my documents as asked by cic in October 2008. Will you please tell me how long will it take time to get the final decision as it has 72 months has passed after applying. Can I ask cic regarding my application status or not? Please reply me. Thank you. (

  • kumar

    Hi I am in canada in student status n I have got my file no on 8th nov 2007 and 2008 august I have submitted my Ielts n 2008 I have submitted my arranged employment . just two monts back I had sent a request for my status n They sent me that they r verifing my edutional histry n employment histry . So I want to know how long they will take to send me the medical .

  • kumar

    Hi I have got my file no on 8th nov 2007 and 2008 august I have submitted my Ielts n 2008 I have submitted my arranged employment . just two monts back I had sent a request for my status n They sent me that they r verifing my edutional histry n employment histry . So I want to know how long they will take to send me the medical .

  • mycitizenship


    I left canada in 2007. I was a permanent resident back then. I was supposed to return back to canada. However, circumstances back home did not favor my return as I had to attend to my ailing mother. In the process I lost my mother. I had applied for my citizenship before I left Canada. However, when I Check the application status online on CIC website, it is not recognizing the IMM receipt number. It might be because I applied in 2007 and was unable to respond to canadian consulate inquiries about my citizenship. I am visiting canada now [15/10/2010]. My permanent resident card expires november 6th. Could you please advice and provide your useful inputs.

    Wannabe Citizen

  • NANA

    My permanent resident (immigrant) application in-process right now we are waiting the request for the medical test. my question is Can I apply for a temporary resident visa (TRV) taking in considration that am pregnant in 5th month?can i go to deliver my baby in canada at this time (before getting the PR)?is it legal??


  • Kumar

    Good Morning

    My parents left canada 6 yrs. back and cosquently loose PR status . now i am 12 yrs. old and want to return to canada after becomming adult i.e. 18. Can i regain my PR status independently. As being a child I have not abondened canada. It is due to my parents I have to stay with them.Other sibling of my parents is canadian citizen and she is younger to me. KINDLY SEND ME YOUR VALUABLE SUGGESTIONS PLEASE.

  • sahil

    i want to know about point based system for canada for my mother. she
    is a govt emp. from last 21 years and her qualification is B.A, B.ed M.A, M.ed. from last 5 years she is in teaching as an govt. emp. Can she applied For PR in canada via Point based system?

  • saket roy

    Sir i had got my CHC file number on 9th april,2010. I am waiting for my medicals to come. Sir its already over 4 months that i havent received my medicals. can you please help me out.
    Thanks .

  • Qasim

    I am really feeling lucky to have found your website.sir i would like to know , i got citizenship 2 years back (i stayed there for 4 years and they calculated the days which were up to there reqiurements)thankfully i got the CANADIAN Passport now i want to make sure that is there any rule that after having citixenship it is compulsory to stay 2 out of 5 years in canada after having citizenship!!! i m in doubt .Please help.Your answer will be highly appreciated.thankyou

  • Normally around 2-3 months for visa stamping

  • Spousal sponsorship visa application must be made from within Canada

  • siri

    me and my family ( husband and my baby 2yrs old ) applied to canada immigration for the last 18 months . actually i finished my process last pcc and medicals but i am expecting some immpuvement in my process . now my passports are in delhi high commision from the last 15days . plz inform the next step in my immigration process .
    than you

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