Employment Reference Letters–Key to Score Points by the Australian Immigrants

Employment reference letters are a critical requirement for the General Skilled Migrant process to Australia. This document must be provided as part of the qualifications assessment procedures outlined by the relevant assessment bodies. Detailed information must be included in this letter in the format that has been prescribed by the Australian Immigration Authority in order to avert any rejections at the time of assessment.

Besides positive qualifications assessment, these letters help the applicant in gaining crucial experience points under the Point System for the programme.

The primary information that an employment reference letter to be submitted for Australian migration must contain the following:

  • Dates ( Duration and period ) of employment
  • Title (Including multiple titles)
  • A minimum of 5 primary duties that have been undertaken. If more than one title, then primary duties undertaken during each such title should be mentioned.
  • Salary details
  • Part time/full-time employment; temporary/permanent employee – It must be clearly mentioned whether the experience was full time/part time and also the number of hours a week put in by the employee.
  • Name and the position of person who has the authority to sign the employment reference letter. The letter must be stamped or typed with the concerned person’s signature below. Direct contact details of the concerned person should also be mentioned.

The following additional points must also be noted –

  • The letter must also be on the company’s official letterhead or it must show the reference of a government department. Postal address, email, fax number, telephone details and the website of the company should also be included.
  • Another important
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    point to be kept in mind is that the positions described must not have generic titles; instead it should better describe the nature of the responsibilities that have been undertaken.

  • If your employment reference letter is written in any other language, other than English, it is advisable to get it translated from a certified translation expert and provide a copy of both the original letter and the translated letter as well.

Though you may make sure that your reference letter adheres to all the given guidelines of the format but it is still better to get it reviewed by an Australian immigration expert for the necessary amendments so as to avoid any delays due to rejection.

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