How about Obtaining Danish Citizenship

If you have been living Denmark for a longer period of time, then why not to apply for Danish Citizenship? By getting married to a citizen of Denmark, or working, or studying in this nation, you will be allowed to apply for Danish nationality by naturalization. However, to qualify as a Danish citizen, there are certain eligibility criteria or conditions that you need to meet or fulfill.

Ensure Your Eligibility

Have you been living in Denmark for the minimum period of 9 years? Are you holding a permanent residents permit in the country? Always keep in mind that if you get married to a Danish citizen, a shorter residence requirement permit would apply to you. You will be allowed to submit your application after the period of 6 years; however, you have to be wedded for minimum 3 years period. If you are citizen of Sweden, Finland, Norway or Iceland, then you will be able to submit a citizenship application after 2 years of your habitation. Besides, as an immigrant in Denmark for the period of 8 years, you will be allowed to apply for it.  Though there are some exceptions, but in most of the cases, 9 years is sufficient.

Give up Your Previous Nationality

If you wish to obtain Denmark Citizenship then you have to give up your present citizenship. Denmark doesn’t allow anyone to hold dual or multiple citizenship. However, your citizenship may get revoked in case you are not able to obey with its rule.

Check Your Self-Dependency

Self-dependency means you that you may not be provided with any social benefits, based on the Active Social Policy or the Integration Act. If in previous period of time, you received such benefits, ensure that it was not more than 6 months in total in the past 5 years’ period.

Apart from it, you also have to ensure that you don’t have any debt to the Tax Authority and illegal record. However, you don’t need to prove it; the Nationality Division of the country itself will check your background.

The Citizenship Test

To qualify for Denmark citizenship, you have to go for a citizenship test. Every year, this nation organizes only two tests. Usually these tests are organized in June and December. You have to register in advance for it, as a limited number of applicants are allowed for the test.

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