Brief on Manitoba Nominee Program

Those who are trying to get a visa for Canada, with ease, must also apply for the Manitoba Nominee Program which will help them to increase the pace of the process of Canada Permanent Visa for Immigration. Those who want to apply for the Manitoba Visa must know that there are various kinds of nominee program for which they can apply for.

Manitoba Nominee Program Streams

The said program chiefly covers the three streams — the priority assessment stream, general stream, and Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program for business. There are few others but these are the main streams for which the people can apply for.

In the priority assessment stream, there exist four kinds of programs — employer direct, international student, international student strategic initiative, and family support. There are different requirements for each which are explained below.

For employer direct stream, the candidate should possess a temporary work permit for not less than 6 months and he must also fit in as a Canadian resident and also in the permanent job being offered. In the regular international student stream, the person must have post graduated from Manitoba and must have a study and work permit in the region.

In the international student strategic initiative, the applicant must have

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done graduation involving two academic years. In the family support, the person must be between 21 and 49. He must also have one year post graduate and 2 years of work experience.

Those applying for the general stream must furnish an evidence of close family members living in the region and a proof of minimum 6 months work experience in Manitoba. If someone is applying for business, the requirements and the details about the program are same as that of Manitoba Business Visa.

There are many people who are moving from

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different countries to Canada. Those who are looking to get a Permanent Resident Visa of Canada quickly can apply for the Manitoba Visa. There are three streams under this visa which the applicants can choose as per his specific needs.

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