Processing EB-5 Investment Visa Through US Regional Centre

In the year 1990, Congress introduced fifth employment based visa program for foreign investors. Their investment should benefit the economy of United States and create at least ten full-time jobs for US employees. The minimum amount that an applicant

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needs to invest is $1 million. If the investment is made in a high unemployment area or rural area then the minimum investment required reduces to $500,000. These high unemployment areas are popularly known as (TEA) i.e. targeted employment area. Thirty percent of green cards available for foreign investors are reserved for targeted employment area. According to a study done by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

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nearby ninety percent of EB-5 visas Regional Center Investment Program.

In the year 1992, Congress created an EB-5 Regional Center Pilot Program. This enabled US federal immigration agency known as US citizenship and immigration services to entitle qualified applicants as Regional centers, eligible to accept EB-5 capital for growth of United states economy.

The regional centre agency is a government or private enterprise with an aimed investment program within a certain region. Regional centre investment program is an active and successful employment based investment visa program. It is being administered in number of countries like Australia, Canada, U.K., etc.

The EB-5 Regional allocates 3,000 green cards every year to the immigrants who make investment in particular regional centers. Green card allocation for these areas can easily go beyond 3,000 but this is a reserve quota for allocation Green Card for the people investing money under this program. As this program started years ago in 1990, it has been renewed several times since then and at present it is due

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to expire on 30th September 2015. IIUSA is trying to make this immigration policy permanent.

Direct employment of 10 U.S. employees is not a compulsion. Investor’s enterprise can also generate 10 or more jobs indirectly for workers of United States. EB-5 Investment Visa through US regional center is helpful for the investor because it helps them by guiding them and professionally helping them to manage their finances in the business and focussed area.

To obtain its designation, a Regional Centre needs to submit an application with details to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Following are the must information for the application:-

  • It should mention the type of business in which investor will be making investment.
  • It should mention the jobs that will be created either directly or indirectly by the investment made by applicant.
  • It should also mention details about other productive and positive impacts on country’s economy.

United States citizenship and immigration services determine if the investor is eligible for EB-5 visa or not. Its analysis includes complete background check which includes detailed evaluation of the sources of applicant’s funds; this is done to confirm legal origin of the investment made by applicant. They also check family history and other representatives like head of house hold, immediate family member below the age of 21. All this takes time and thus the process will need approximately a year. So be a little patient to be benefitted.

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