Ottawa Moving to Multiple Entry Permits

As per a report, trained guests from different countries–keen to arrive and depart from Canada, for a time-frame of six months at a stretch, for a maximum of a decade–will not have to any longer file a petition for Canada Visitor Permits every time they wish to visit the country.

The nation has stated its shift to Canada Multiple Entry Permits from February, 6 2014. It is claimed that the same will turn-out to be incredibly useful for those keen to arrive and go(from Canada), minus

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having the requirement to submit a petition every time.

Reduced Charges

Ottawa has declared reduced charges or the TRV (Temporary Resident Permit) scheme even as the new reduced TRV charges is presently $100. Earlier, the same was $150. The new charges will be for the processing of Single Entry Permits or Multiple Entry Permits.

To Draw Additional Overseas Guests

The procedure of Canada permit petition would also become much easier for those eager to file a visa-petition for landing on the national territories. This is being done for attracting additional foreigners to the nation. The same will boost tourism and also business in the country, and turn-out to be a blessing for the Canadian national economy, or so it is claimed.

Attempts like these will see increased figure of qualified migrants keen to make multiple Canada visits minus having to file a petition for Canada Visitor Permits every time they want to arrive on the national territories. Meanwhile, it also requires to be stated that Immigration Canada would bring-in higher charges in the TRV scheme from February 6, 2014 even as the goal of such amendments shows the real Canada permit processing charges while decreasing the load on the national taxpayers.

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