Are You Interested in Applying for Australia Permanent Residence Skilled Migration

The main economic consideration for Australia is the shortage of skills. To avoid economic crisis, NSW require over 300,000 worker qualifying diploma by the year 2015. Down Under is reportedly granting thousands of skilled visas to fulfill this requirement. Those interested in applying for Australia Permanent Residence Skilled Migration should gain enough details regarding their age, occupation, work experience, education to qualify for skilled migration to the foreign destination.

Other consideration such as English competency, presence of close relatives, study or previous work in the overseas immigration hotspot also plays a vital role. Extra points can be gained if one is sponsored by a state that has required for the skills they possess. Most of the visa subclasses come under General Skilled Migration Program (GSM). Every subcategory acquires considerable effort and time.

Candidates should avoid the common mistakes usually done by the common visa applicants. This may lead to the lodging of denied application or incomplete petition. One will be qualified under the General Skilled Migration Program only if he is a professional satisfying the below conditions:

• He must possess particular skills for needy occupation in Down Under;
• Should not have employer sponsorship;
• Once meeting the above two requirements he will be allowed to apply as either skilled independent or skilled sponsored.

Assessing skilled visa to the Kangaroo Land is a complicated and lengthy process. To complete an Online Self-Assessment it is required to visit the government’s official immigration website. It will assist each and every one with quality information that is required to proceed further with Australian visa application. It is also advisable to consult a migration expert to discuss the result of On line Self-Assessment.

The obligation and requirement varies based on visa option. One may feel that he is eligible for numerous, but it is best to gain professional advice before taking a decision. A permit that is best suited for your personal circumstances must be opted.

Visa option in Australia

1. Skilled Independent Visa under Subclass 885: you must be below 50 years, competent in English to qualifying for this permit. You must have skills for an occupation in

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the SOL (skilled occupation list) and any one from the below mentioned.

• Present or former overseas student
• Must contain subclass 485 visa or subclass 476 visa
• Holder of subclass 471 visa.

2. For qualifying Skilled Regional Visa (subclass 887) you should have stayed in a Specified Regional Area for at least 24 months. Work experience must be a minimum of 12 months and holder of any of the following

• Skilled – Designated Area – sponsored visa (subcategory 496)
• Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 487)
• Skilled – Independent Regional visa (subcategory 495)
• Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 475)

3. For qualifying skilled regional sponsored visa it is vital that you have either a territory government agency or nomination from a participation state. You should be below 50 years old with competent in English language.

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