What are Top Reasons for Deportation from Canada

Canada Immigration Visa

Canada is a dream of millions of people, and no migrant to the nation–under no circumstances–wants to be deported to his native country. However every immigration destination has a right to deport foreign nationals with the Maple Leaf Country being no exception. It’s only Canadian citizens who enjoy full protection against banishment from the nation. Any individual–who has been deported from the nation–is permanently barred from re-entering the country.

Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration Visa

The ‘Land of Opportunity’, i.e., Canada, is an ideal state and it provides all possible opportunities to prosper, and does not encourage immigrants to participate in any kind of unlawful activities. However there are some specific instances, where immigrants fall into the prey of wrong hands.

In such circumstances, each case of exile is investigated by the Canada Border Services Agency. Every individual has a lawful right to duly process and appeal at the various levels of judicial review before a removal order is implemented. However, once the accused have exhausted all available avenues, he is expected to abide by Canadian law.

There are many reasons for deportation from Canada. Some of them are mentioned below:Free Assessment form

  • If you have committed a serious crime;
  • Marriage or divorce of convenience;
  • Misuse of immigration documents;
  • If you have overstayed or broken the conditions of the granted visa;
  • If you hold a criminal record for which you have not been granted pardon;
  • If you have chosen the illegal path to enter the country;
  • In case you have lost your legal status to remain in the nation;
  • Misrepresentation of facts in any way or providing fake information leading to an error in the administration of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

No matter what are the reasons for deportation from Canada, Minister Kenney is reportedly of the view that Canadians by and large are generous and they give a red-carpet welcome to aliens. However, they have zero tolerance for wrong-doers and cheats.

Canada Immigration Investigation Procedure

The concerned Canadian officials across the country keep an active eye on the immigrants and investigate individuals who may have breached the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. They closely work with the local police and the related agencies, and if the situation arises, may detain, arrest, and remove people from breaching the Act. The Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board hears the appeal.Click Here

Both the accused person and the concerned officials have a right to appeal to the Canada’s Federal Court for a review of an Immigration Appeal Division’s decision. However, it is necessary for them to obtain the permission of the court to file the request. Only if the concerned court grants the permission, the request will be duly reviewed.



  • Nancy


    I just wondering if there’s any way can deport my husband for cyber bullying on my Facebook?

  • singh

    Can you deport Simone who used all fraud document while applying or get visa/Pr document like fake birth certificate, voter id card, wrong date of birth intentionally mentioned on his/her Indian passport

  • Michelle

    Hey I know someone who leaves in Canada bears on woman and believe he does not have his own paper work like a visa and so forth I’m a citizen Canada in citizen so hope you can contact me back 416 450 7465 please call

  • Miguel

    Can you deport someone if they have enter the country illegally???

  • jam

    How can possible that someone will deported if they committed cyber crime in philippines but they are in canada?

  • Andy

    Is there any way to deport husband who having a record of assault charges and he is on Permanent residence

  • Vaneeta Khera

    How do we get someone deported back to India?

  • Mandy

    I am just wondering if someone came to Canada a couple years ago, started threatening to beat you up, take your child away from you (because it is her boyfriend’s, child with me before they became a couple), threatening to send a biker gang after my friends, calling my nasty names, slandering my character, has a children’s aid record for hitting children, etc. can she be deported back to her home country? I fear for mine and my child’s life as long as she lives here.

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