Better Country for Immigration Australia or Canada

Country for Immigration Australia or Canada

One of the important decision of the life is where are you going to spend it. Suddenly the entire universe becomes small and you are hooked to free of the most preferred countries. Most of the people get confused when it comes to making choice between immigration destinations. It is becomes further trivial when both the destination have a lucrative options.  Australia and Canada both have exciting programs to attract people. Here, we will be dealing with making a choice on choosing Canada PR or Australia PR as the immigration stop.

The question in indeed a loaded one when we are to deal with which is better country for immigration to Canada or Australia.Often one can deal with it in best way if one decides, what is he looking for? Australia with a beautiful scenic beauty and moderate temperature welcomes your presence round the year while Canada with extremes of temperature has been most preferred destination for Indians.

Canada vs Australia for immigration

Canada vs Australia for immigration

Here, we will give a precise look to the immigration policy and labor market outcomes. Australia, with its mass immigration policy has been attracting diversity. According to a recent study, almost 30% of Australian population today are overseas-born, and 20% are children of immigrants. Australia is also called “the lucky capital” with Sydney, Melbourne and Perth most popular. It goes without saying that one who gets the access to Australia gets an access to New Zealand as well.Canada is also called as world capital when it comes to immigration with maximum attraction towards Ontario and Quebec and Vancouver. The country has much popularity in India.

The first difference is on the assessment of skills in the both the countries.  In Australia, skilled migration must have their qualifications officially assessed before applying to migrate while in Canada, this is not the case. Although one can have advantage of an early assessment process in Canada, it is advisory only. In Australia the assessment is applicable in all states and territories whereas in Canada formal acceptance of a qualification in one state does not imply that it would have acceptance in another. It requires multiple acceptances if the migrant intends to move in to different place. This is an added advantage in Australia.

There is also a difference when it comes to labor force participation rate. In Australia, a higher migrant participation rate often leads to a higher employment rate where as in Canada the higher migrant participation rate is closely associated with a higher unemployment rate.

Although when it comes to social security benefits, one has to wait for two years in Australia while one gets immediate access to these facility in Canada. Also, Australia is considered highly competitive while Canada is believed to be a family oriented and community minded.

The in-depth comparison on the choice of better country for immigration to Canada or Australia can be understood with the help of an expert immigration consultant. Certainly, your expectations on the benefits you seek from the country you live in will constitute the major reason for choosing one.

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  • Saqib Khan


    I am 39 year old and MBA Finance and have cleared CFA level 1 with experience of almost 10+ years in corporate finance with Pakistan’s top corporates (PSO, PNSC, K-Electric). My spouse is 36 year old and is Bachelors in Pharmaceuticals and MBA and has experience of 5 years with a local surgical instrument marketing company. We have one kid. Kindly suggest whether Canadian or Australian immigration process would be more swift for us.

    • Immigration Experts


      Thanks for your comment. Can you please send me your updated resume of self and spouse at for evaluation and assessment process, post that my immigration lawyer will get in touch with you for further guidance.



    I am a Software Tester ( Manual & Pega ), Presently working for ORACLE, Hyderabad..I have 6+ years experience till date.I did with EEE back ground. I am married and my wife did B Tech ( IT) and presently he has experience in to teaching for 4 + years.

    Can you suggest whether i have to move to Canada or Australia for better opportunity.

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Jaffer,

      Thanks for your comment. Can you please send me your updated resume of self and spouse (if married) at for evaluation and assessment process, post that my immigration lawyer will get in touch with you for further guidance.

  • GhanaSyam Chinnam

    I am a Software Test Lead. Worked at NTTDATA .I have 6+ years experience till date.can you suggest whether i have to move to canada or australia for better opportunity

  • Hello sir
    I had completed my 12 grade in cbse school with marks scoring 90.8% in commerce field and now i want to study further in abroad to attain higher degree bt i am confused where to apply for canada or australia ? I want to knw about various courses and which one will be best for me and want information also about PR?

  • Dixita gheewala

    I am a teacher. I have 12 years experience in teaching. Which is better for me for perment resident. Canada or Australia.

  • Bhawna Batra


    We are planning to apply for PR either in Canada or in Australia, please reckon us which country suits our profile and where are more job oportunities.
    We both are 33 year old. I have done Masters in Chemistry from Delhi, India and gained another Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) from England. I have around 5 years of work experience in Corporate Finance. As far as my husband is concerned, he has done BCA and MBA. He worked with CitiBank, GE Capital as Sales and Marketing Manager and having ~8 years of work experiences.

    Please advise, which country is better, Australia or Canada in terms of Job prospects.
    Thank you!!!

  • gokul sasidharan

    i am a software engineer ,working at infosys as a technology analyst .i have more than 5 years of experience till date.can you suggest whether i have to move to canada or australia for better opportunity

  • Aparna

    We are planning to apply for Independent Skilled Migrant VISA in Australia. We will be soon giving our IELTS also. I am working as a Software Developer and mu husband is a Software Tester in an IT company in India. I wanna know in either of the two countries which has the better job opportunities for us. And how long we might need to wait before getting into our first job after migration.

  • Dheeraj Wadhwa

    I want to relocate and appearing for ielts soon, recently i am working with pvt company as Admin & Marketing executive in India. still not decided with country to migrate for better, bright and safe future kindly suggest,

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Dheeraj,

      Thanks for your comment. Sure we will assist you but for that I need few of your details. Kindly send us updated resume of self and spouse(if married) at for further guidance.

  • Saqib Khan

    I am 41 year old working professional working in the field of sales and marketing and want to know about the place where i will find more opportunities to settle down economically.

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