Attention Skilled Chemical Engineers, Avail Canada Immigration!

The third largest country in the world, Canada, is battling hard to meet the growing demand of Chemical Engineers within the country these days. And the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is offering several easy immigration programmes to draw such skilled professionals.

It is an easy opportunity for those Chemical Engineers who have been thinking to move abroad. What a fantastic opportunity! Such professionals earlier struggled hard to get into the country.

Officially, Chemical Engineers may express their interest and move to the country using Express Entry System through the code 2134. To be eligible, applicants are required to meet the set criteria. First of all a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering along with at-least one year experience in a related field is a must. A higher degree is an added advantage.

Besides, fluency in the English language both written and oral is mandatory. And, if you are familiar with French language, then there are 100% chances that your application will be duly approved and you will receive the prized Permanent Residency (PR) straightway.

Even if you are not familiar with French language, you can make your application strong by working on other sectors, such as during the last five years you should not have been involved in any criminal activity or should not be a drug addict in any way. You should submit your complete application with all the required documents and necessary information.

Before we talk any further about the Express Entry system, let’s throw some light on the profile of Chemical Engineers.

Significantly, such professionals are popular under alternate titles such as

  • waste treatment engineer
  • liquid fuels engineer
  • pulp and paper engineer
  • biotechnical engineer
  • adhesives engineer
  • polymer engineer

Canada Immigration for Chemical Engineers

Job Profile

As a Chemical Engineer, you are required to design and develop equipments and chemical process, monitor the operational activities and maintain industrial chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp, plastics and plants related to food processing and production units. The experts also keep a check on quality of the chemical, keeping in mind environmental protection and biotechnical engineering. They also actively participate in research activities.

Job prospects

Job prospects of such professionals are quite promising. Trade analysts believe the industry will grow further, and in the coming year a large number of experts will be welcomed through Canada Express Entry 2015.

At any given time these professionals may expect to join the Canadian strong economy on a lucrative pay package of CAD $ 180,500 per year. Social benefits are the added advantage which is most lucrative and hard to resist.

The demand of these professionals has risen mainly due to the retirement of existing professionals or timely and due promotion at higher designation. Opportunities will remain open throughout the year, especially for those with right education, skill, and experience and who show keen interest to permanently live and work in the country.

By now it’s clear that the demand of Chemical Engineers is quite high and the prospects quite promising and positive in the country. Therefore, interested Chemical Engineers can easily avail Canada migration. Time is perfect for the purpose.



  • Sunil Vasavan

    I am Chemical engineer from Kerala with 2 years process plant experience.What are the steps needed for my migration to Canada and job prospects there? . Please specify

    • Immigration Experts

      Dear Sunil,

      Please send your updated CV for review and assessment by our team of immigration experts at, one they will have gone through your CV they will get in touch with you to discuss your possibilities of immigration.

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