Use PNP & Get Canada PR Visa

Express Entry

Canada PR Visa If you wish to apply for the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) you need to think beyond Express Entry. These days, many Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs) are inviting visa applications in huge number for immigration to the nation. Under the PNP category in August alone approximately 2000 invitations have been issued. This clearly shows that the status

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Are You Interested In Skilled Worker Immigration To Canada?

immigration to Canada

Skilled Worker Immigration To Canada When we talk about high standard of living, high Human Development Index (HDI), instantly the names of many countries come to our mind. But one name tops the chart, and that is the Maple Leaf Country, Canada. It receives the highest number of immigrants every year. Approximately, 250,000 new immigrants come to the country annually

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Consult Experienced Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada–Why Take Risk?

immigration & visa consultation services in Delhi

Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada Canada has been one of the most positive immigration policies in the world. Because of its rich living style, the United Nations (UN) has voted the place as one of the excellent nations in the entire globe, and a best place to reside in. You can feel and experience the rich lifestyle that the

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Why Immigration To Canada Is Incredibly Popular?

It’s an open secret that the Maple Leaf Country is a top notch immigration destination, and every year 100s of 1000s immigrants wish to be a part of the country. The hands of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are full round the year as they receive large number of visa applications from the prospective immigrants. These days, immigration to

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Permanent Residency in Canada Entitles You to Enjoy Several Benefits

The Maple Leaf country, Canada, is an economically advanced country. It is also known as the ‘land of opportunities’. The country lures 10s of 1000s of migrants from every corner of the world. Due to numerous benefits they seek they migrate to the country and experience a whole new life as a permanent resident. As a Canadian permanent resident you

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