Australia Migration for Financial Investment Advisers in India

Migration to Australia is an awesome opportunity for the qualified professionals in finance. If you are having a specialization in finances and have been planning of moving down south then there could not have been a better chance than this. Australian government has allocated more than 3000 slots for the trade reference code – 2223, and till the last updates received in month of December 2013, only about 70 requests have been advanced to the next stage of application processing.

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Kangaroo Land’s Immigration Minister Fails to Bring Back Temporary Protection Permits

In a reported vote on the re-launch of the popular Temporary Protection Permits, the incumbent Coalition administration of Australia has been beaten in the upper house of the national parliament. It is alleged that the permits are atrocious and that they penalize the most helpless, the most legitimate, & the most worthy refugees just for having the guts to demand the safety for their dear & near ones.

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Immigration to Australia Interior Decorator

ASRI has opened gates on skilled migration for Interior Decorators. The job requires you to have a Bachelor’s degree or at least 5 years of experience in the field of interior planning and decoration. ASRI classifies the job under ANZSCO Skill Type -1 and offers flexibility on formal education.

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