Attention Skilled Chemical Engineers, Avail Canada Immigration!

Canada Visa Processing

The third largest country in the world, Canada, is battling hard to meet the growing demand of Chemical Engineers within the country these days. And the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is offering several easy immigration programmes to draw such skilled professionals. It is an easy opportunity for those Chemical Engineers who have been thinking to move abroad. What a

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Canadian Court Denied PR to a Family Because of a Disabled Child!

Recently, the Canadian federal court has refused permanent residency to a French family, reason being one of their children is disable. The Quebec-based family was devastated by the court’s denial, according to which the disabled girl’s condition deemed to constitute an excessive demand on the social services resources of the province. The federal court followed the provisions of the Immigration

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Dependent children of temporary foreign workers can now earn in Ontario and Alberta

It is quite common to see families of a temporary foreign worker split in Canada due to their inability to support the expenses or high standard of living that the country demands. Canada Immigration department has thereby taken the initiative to ensure integrated families to issue open work permits to working-aged dependents of these temporary foreign workers. These dependents can

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