Top 6 Useful Websites for Canada Immigration!

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Top 6 Useful Websites for Canada Immigration!

If you are on the look out on the internet for Canadian immigration, these sites are a must check out! This article is an endeavour for those on the quest to know more about Canadian immigration. There are certain sites in particular not to be missed out. Some of these include the following:

  • – Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the official Canadian government offering all the relevant and important details regarding visa and immigration to Canada. The website caters to all the visa and immigration programs offered by the Canadian High Commission. This website is the foremost to be visited for any program to apply for in Canada.
  • – If you have decided upon Alberta as your destination to immigrate, AlbertaCanada is the site to be visited. The website gives an overview about Alberta – right from immigration to its economy and other relevant aspects.
  • – If you want to know more about Canada before deciding upon a particular destination to relocate, we suggest you go through this site. It gives an overview about the country.
  • – Canadian High Commission has brought out a list of occupations in demand known as the National Occupation Classification. This link would give you a clear picture on whether or not your occupation is mentioned in the NOC. This would help you in taking a better decision.
  • – If you are immigrating to Canada as a skilled migrant, your application must be approved by the Labor Market Opinion (LMO). It must be proved to the LMO that there is no suitable candidate in the local Canadian population and thus, you have been hired for the job. The link above is the application form to be filled and filed in order to complete the application procedure. The guide to fill this form could be found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (
  • – Workopolis is the most common job portal for the Canadians on the job hunt. This site can be important tool for those on the search for jobs in Canada.

These are the six most important sites to be visited and give due importance to the information given. However, these are not the only ones. There are many other sites which are of equal importance. So, do not stop your search here itself!

Apart from clicking on the internet, it is best to contact a visa and immigration specialist to assist you further.


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